Utility Companies: Electricity, Telecommunications & Water/Sewer

Holistic Remote Asset Management and Condition Assessment, Power line vegetation encroachment detection & Feature Extraction: Network assets: streetlights, poles, water distribution utilities from geo-referenced panoramic images and Attributes update & verification supported by direct integration to existing GIS applications and web geoinfosystems.

Operational efficiency & productivity gains with optimized field work, capital project/improvement planning with data-driven decision-making throughout the organization and selection of optimal investments in network and operational resources.

Analyze routes nearing or exceeding capacity and evaluate alternative routing options to generate optimized network topology for optimal investments in network and operational resources, minimizing capital expenditure and ensure maximum return on investment.

Aggregating collective data into larger geographies (district, or country) helps agencies identify common needs, prioritize Public Spending Projects, minimize capital expenditure, and ensure maximum return on investment.

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