MAGNAR is a Mapping company incorporated in Mauritius. We collaborate with global partners to support our clients with Next Generation Spatial Asset Management Solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.

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Outdoor Mapping

For Outdoor 3D Mapping, we generate 11K 60.5 megapixel 360° panoramic images (almost twice the resolution of standard 8K spherical systems), stitched to sub-pixel level and with full GPS EXIF metadata in every image for direct import and integration to existing GIS applications and web geoinfosystems: ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, AutoCAD Map & QGIS with Orbit Plugin, Widget for ArcGIS Online and Orbit SDK/API.

Captured geo-referenced 360° imagery can be hosted on Google Maps and Cloud-based platforms. We also offer private hosting for police, military, governments and agencies running private data networks.

MAGNAR produces three-dimensional mapping data for almost any environment – Indoor & Outdoor

Indoor Mapping

For Indoor Reality Capture, MAGNAR® produces detailed 3D models of built-space with 4K HDR visuals at 99% accuracy.

We deliver registered colorized point cloud, 3D mesh file (.OBJ) derived from captured 3D models including the necessary texture map image files (.JPG) for import into third-party software: 3ds max, AutoCAD, Recap, Revit, Xactimate & BIM modelling software, High-Resolution Floor Plan Image, Reflected Ceiling Plan Image and 4K HDR photos for print & digital formats.

3D Models can be shared, or embed anywhere in a simple workflow. Copy and paste the ❮iframe❯ code and embed in blogs, website, or content management system (CMS).

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